Jacks Plastic Welding Pack Cat Inflatable Kayak

Pack Cat Inflatable Kayak
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Jacks Plastic Welding

Pack Cat Inflatable Kayak

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The original pack boat, the Jack's Plastic Pack Cat and Fat Cat have an almost cult-like following in the Southwest.  Small, simple and effective, the Pack Cat and Fat Cat are lightweight, compact, and easy to travel with. 

Whether you're backpacking, biking, traveling by car or flying somewhere, these boats are meant to go with you.  Just like a cataraft, the Pack Cats are fast and responsive, bail instantly and still perform well with a heavy load.  Featuring a 2-piece frame, rear cargo net, and bow and stern gear lashing points, they are designed to haul enough gear for remote multi-day self-support trips like the Escalante or Dirty Devil.  The Fat Cat features larger tubes for larger people and/or more gear capacity.


Model Length Width Weight (w/ frame) Capacity Chambers Tube Diameter Waterline
Pack Cat 10'6 36 in 24 lbs 300 lbs 3 12 in 8'
Fat Cat 11'8 44 in 30 lbs 450 lbs 3 16 in 8'

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