Jackson Kayak

Cuda HD 12 Fishing Kayak

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Item #M0428

The Jackson Cuda 12 is the big brother to the Coosa; a bigger, faster, more well-equipped fishing machine! Designed for kayak fishermen looking to get out on bigger bodies of water and cover more distance, the Cuda incorporates many of the popular design features of it's smaller kin, along with a lot more.

A tip-protecting rod-stagers keep all your rods safe and secure, while the 26" center hatch keep lures, rain wear and other essentials at hand and easily accessible. Molded in tackle stagers provide a flat and secure platform for tying on and the mesh side pockets give an easily accessible stash pouch for small essentials. The super comfy Hi/Lo Seat allows for two different height profiles while the wide standing area with incorporated Stand/Sit Assist handle on the hull gives a stable platform for standing up to sight cast.

If you're looking for a big, capable fishing kayak that can handle big lakes, long flatwater rivers or coastal shorelines and bays, look no further than the Jackson Cuda.

  • Hi/Lo Seat with 2 height profiles
  • Large 26" center hatch, bow and stern hatches
  • Tip covering rod stagers
  • Paddle stagers & holders
  • Tackle Box slots
  • Wide, stable standing platform with Stand/Sit Assist handle
  • Recessed rod mounts, big enough to accept any type of rod, will allow you to troll with ease.
  • R indicates rudder package


Length Width Height Weight Capacity  
12'7 31 in 11 in 70 lbs 450 lbs