Jackson Kayak

Coosa 11'2

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Item #455565

The Jackson Coosa 11'3 Sit On Top Fishing Kayak is the fishing kayak to be designed specifically for use on mild whitewater and stillwater rivers. This really is the first ALL water fishing kayak. Designed by professional kayak fisherman Drew Gregory, the Coosa is packed full of essential fishing features in an ultra stable, easy to maneuver and stand on hull design. The Coosa features multiple rod and paddle staging areas, making it quick and easy to switch from paddle to rod. The wide and flat standing area combined with the super stable hull, make standing up to sight cast a breeze. The innovative Hi/Lo seat allows you to adjust height and overall stability while seated while allowing for small tackle box storage underneath.

Moving water, narrow flats, bushed-in waterways, oxbow lakes and whitewater are natural feeding grounds for all river fish and most of the action is found in these narrows, stretches and rapids. The Coosa’s high-rocker hull design and secondary stability make for a nimble performing river craft. It turns tight, slips shallow to get over debris, bumps and grinds shallow river beds and punches holes and waves in Class II-III whitewater… getting you to some of the most untouched fishing grounds on earth!

  • Unique design for use in Class II-III whitewater
  • Stable and manueverable with round bow and edge profile
  • Same fishing-friendly designs as all other Jackson Fishing Kayaks
  • Elite Hi/Lo Seating System
  • Rod & Paddle Staging Areas
  • Accessory mounting tracks


Length Width Height Capacity Weight
11'2 32 in 16 in 350 lbs 65 lbs