Badfish River Surfer 6'11 - 2017

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River Surfer 6'11 - 2017

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Looking to bring your surfing game inland? The Badfish 6'11 Carbon Innegra River Surfer  should be your SUP of choice. Badfish designed this board specifically for use on river waves and holes, which tend to be smaller and slower than ocean waves. Why surf your local river on a board designed to be used on used elsewhere?

The River Surfer is perfectly at home on small river waves, at your local whitewater park and even on big water waves like Glenwood or Skookumchuck. The high volume, quick planning, hand shaped EPS hull allows you to surf smaller and steeper waves that bigger, longer boards simply won't plane out or purl on. The unique hull design allows for excellent secondary stability while still being able to carve some mean cutbacks.

Don't settle for your average SUP, get out there and get surfing with the Badfish River Surfer.


Lenth Width Height Fin  
6'11 31 in 5.375 in Tri-fin

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