Badfish MVP River Paddle Board

MVP River Paddle Board
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MVP River Paddle Board

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The Badfish MVP 9(Mountain Valley Paddleboard) is one of the first epoxy stand up paddle boards to be designed specifically for running rivers and it excels at just that.

Paddling whitewater rivers is all about dealing with opposing hydraulic forces, from running through holes and wave trains to crossing boiling eddy fences, paddling whitewater requires a craft that can remain stable in a chaotic environment. Boards shaped for the ocean or flatwater just don’t perform in moving water environments. 

The Badfish MVP SUP borrows its hull design from the most current whitewater kayak designs, with a high volume, water shedding bow that punches through holes and big waves, and a chine profile that allows for smooth eddy turns and ferries.  A 36 inch wide midsection helps you to stay on the board in even the most turbulent conditions and the short design of the board lets it fit into smaller eddies and pivot quickly. These characteristics are blended into a board that will rip river waves like all Badfish boards, because if you are stand up paddling…you are eventually going to want to surf. The stability and unique design of the MVP also instills confidence in new paddlers as the progress from flat water to easy moving water.

Get out and let the MVP help you to progress your own personal skill and the sport of downriver stand up paddle boarding.


Length Width Deck Height Rail Height Fins
9' 36 in 6.25 in 8.25 in 2+1

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