NRS Side Rack Decking Platform

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Side Rack Decking Platform

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If you're tired of slipping off while unloading your boat or need just a bit more storage space, then its time to invest in some NRS Side Rail Racks. These sturdy Skidguard marine grade plywood decking platforms bolt on to any NRS raft or cataraft frame using standard LoPro hardware. The wood is covered in durable plastic laminate for years of hassle free use while the grippy upper surface prevents you from slipping off even when the decks are wet. The NRS Side Rack Decking Platforms come in two lengths so you can fit your frame precisely and don't interfere with oar towers or cross bars. Use them as a stable walking platform or to strap down ammo cans, dry bags, pacos, Pelican cases and more.

  • Skidguard marine grade plywood
  • NRS LoPro mounting system
  • Will fit any NRS raft or cataraft frame


3 ft8 in board
6 ft8 in board
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