Riverwater Treatment Water Flocculant

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Item #62H11

Heading out for your favorite silty desert river multi-day? Make sure to bring the Coyote Riverwater Treatment Water Flocculant along! No more waiting overnight for sediment to settle out, now your water can be settled and ready to treat or filter within 20-30 minutes. Safe and easy to use, the Riverwater Treatment Plant Water Flocculant uses the same chemicals used in municipal water systems to settle sediment out of tap water. Simply add the recommended number of drops to a bucket of river water, stir, then sit back and watch as the sediment drops to the bottom. Within a half an hour you'll have crystal clear water ready for purification, even on the siltiest of rivers. No more hauling the unnecessary weight and gear space of tap water!

Available exclusively at 4Corners Riversports!