Jacks Plastic Welding Cutthroat 2

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Jacks Plastic Welding

Cutthroat 2



The Jack's Plastic Cutthroat 2 is almost 2 ft longer than the Cutthroat 1, so it can carry more cargo and people.  This boat has the capacity to take 2 people and all the gear they would want on a week long trip.  It can be paddled or rowed, with 4 different places to locate the oar stands along the frame.  Why mess around with a ducky, when you can have a truly maneuverable surfing, fishing, and cargo machine.  Optional motor transom available for fishing on flat water.  Choose between the 16" tubes of the Cutthroat 2 or the 19" tubes of the Super Cutthroat 2.

  • PVC Construction
  • 3 Air Chambers
  • Price includes frame
  • 10 year manufacturers warranty


Size Length Weight Tube Diameter Capacity Air Chambers  
Super 14' 60 lbs 19 in 725 lbs 3
Standard 14' 60 lbs 16 in 650 lbs 3

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