Mad River


$1099.00 to $1149.00
$1099.00 to $1149.00
Item #M0879

Crafted by renowned designer Jim Henry, the Mad River Journey 156 and 167 canoes are built to be welcoming and durable, equally at home at summer camp and on overnights, with a level of sophistication for adventurers or families on all types of water.  Built for stability and versatility, the trusted three-layer material is great for tight or twisty rivers with rocky conditions.

The 167 is spacious and stable, with more speed and storage than the Journey 156.  Great for longer trips on bigger water.  The smaller 156 is more maneuverable and will pivot in tight places.

Designed as a fully capable series of canoes that are welcoming to new paddlers yet have the performance, capabilities, and load capacities to please experienced canoeists.  Crafted of 3 layer polyethylene, they are very durable and relatively maintenance free.  In keeping with Mr Henry’s history and philosophy, they paddle very well, with a surprising speed of turn and rock solid stability.  It’s hard to go wrong on a Journey.


Length Width Weight Capacity  
15' 6 37.5 in 80 lbs 1100 lbs
16' 7 37.5 in 85 lbs 1200 lbs