Partner Steel

Partner Steel

Partner Steel has been in business since 1947 as a custom steel fabricator. We shear steel up to 1 inch thick and as long as 12 feet. Our CNC plasma table can cut any pattern that can be drawn, cutting up to 3 inches thick steel and as large as 8 feet by 20 feet in size.

We have built large tanks, steel bridges, custom piping and structural steel parts. Some our special equipment includes a vertical lathe that is used to make drive shoes for well casings, and other parts that can not be done on a horizontal lathe.

On the other end of the scale, our craftsmanship is shown in the precision and durability of camping equipment seen here. Feedback from Outfitters, Guides and others have been the driving force to create truly useful equipment that is needed when in the wilderness areas. You can count on us to listen to your comments and suggestions, as we continue to make improvements so your adventure is more enjoyable.

Website: http://www.partnersteel.com