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Rocker Full Face Helmet

Rocker Full Face Helmet

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Color - Neon Blue

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The Sweet Rocker Full Face whitewater kayak helmet, the best full coverage helmet on the market today, with the most extensive protection available. It has all the amazing Rocker features, but with an added a low profile composite jaw guard that prevents you from emptying your pockets for new teeth when shit happens. The unique jaw guard construction flexes under great loads to reduce the forces applied to the neck.

Constructed with extremely dependable Thermoplastic Laminated Carbon (TLC) shell technology, combining the elasticity of injection-molded thermoplastic with the rigidity and strength of carbon fiber. It enables the Rocker FF to be effectively and effectively tuned shell for different properties in different areas: the shell is softer in the crown area, which due to the rigid spherical geometry is better for impacts, and stiffer along the sides where the larger radius benefits from the rigid carbon fiber. Carbon fiber represents more than half of the total area of the top shell. The Sweet Rocker Full Face is a proven performer for gnarly creeking around the world.


1. TLC: Thermoplastic Laminated Carbon Fiber
2. ABS Thermoplastic Shell
3. EPP Shock Absorbing Liner
4. CRP: The Carbon fiber Reinforced Polymer Shell

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