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Wilderness Systems

Recon 12 Fishing Kayak

Recon 12 Fishing Kayak

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Color - Aqua

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The Wilderness Systems Recon 12 fishing kayak features tactical fishing intelligence. Made for a beginner or a seasoned fisherman. The Recon 12 allows you to choose from a range of revolutionary features including your choice of propulsion. The Recon 12 comes as a paddling boat, though you can add the Helix PD Pedal Drive or an aftermarket motor depending on your preference. The wide deck platform gives anglers space to cast and stand with confidence. The ergonomic design gives you the ability to reach all your gear and essentials with ease. The Recon's SMART Technology combines tracking, responsiveness, acceleration, maneuverability, and stability. The hull design offers peak performance for any mode or travel (paddle, pedal, motor). Equipped with storage in the bow and stern you will be able to spend all day on the water with everything you need. 

  • Fully Custom Open Platform
  • Wide-Open Deck 
  • Pedal, Paddle, or Power
  • SMART Hull Technology – Stability, Maneuverability, Acceleration, Responsiveness, and Tracking 
  • StowPro Storage System 
  • AirPro ACE Seat 
  • Dual Rod Troughs – 
  • Midship Side Pockets 
  • Cup Holders 
  • Silent Traction Pads
  • Comfortable Front and Rear Handles
  • Notched Tankwell provides  space for rear storage items like the Wilderness Systems Kayak Krate
  • Rear-Mounted Transducer Area 
  • Easily add an Aftermarket Motor 
  • Internal Steering Lines

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Length Width Weight Capacity
12'2 ft 38 in 95 lbs 450 lbs