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9R 2.0

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The original 9R kick-started a creek boat design revolution; now it's time to raise the bar with the new Pyranha 9R II Whitewater Creek / Race Kayak. Much like the original, its narrow width not only increasing the 9R II's dynamic speed, but also offers a precise boat feel, easy rolls and nimble edge to edge transitions. The progressive rocker profile allows the boat to stay on the surface, blasting up and over features, and helping to keep your momentum down river. Just as fun to paddle during everyday missions as it is in competitions, the 9R II opens up more moves and new possibilities to your river running skills quiver. The new 9R II because #FastIsFun.

  • Speedy hull with modern high-rise bow rocker and progressive stern rocker
  • Paddle entry cutaways in the bow
  • Additional bow volume w/ peaked deck for better resurfacing
  • Stout2 Outfitting

SKU #10703.0201
Size Length Width Volume Weight Capacity Skirt Size
MD 8'11 25.5in 82 gal 48 lbs 140-220 lbs XL
LG 9'5 26in 95 gal 51 lbs 165-275 lbs XL or XL+