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The Liquidlogic Homeslice Whitewater Kayak combines the best features of an old school rodeo boat with the best features of a modern playboat. The Homeslice is perfect for throwing down in your local play hole and is able to link end after end after end. Like the retro designs that it is based upon, the Homeslice makes paddling rivers of all types as fun as possible. The low volume ends are easily engaged for enders, wavewheels, stern squirts and splats, opening up new moves on your backyard run.

Unlike the long, slicy playboats of the late 90's and early 2000's, the Homeslice is COMFY! Designed to fit paddlers ranging from 140-220 lbs, the Homeslice can be paddled all day long. Liquidlogic was able to use their many years of designing slicy boats, like the ever popular Session and Session Plus, to find a sweet spot between performance and comfort. If you are looking for a boat that makes you smile every time you are on the river, look no further than the Homeslice!

  • Old school performance with modern comfort
  • Fast, modern hull that can really surf
  • Great slicey boat, especially for tall paddlers
  • One of our favorites!
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Length Width Weight Volume Capacity Skirt Size
7'7 26in 32 lbs 55 gal 140-220lbs LG