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Bimini Extensions

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Use the Coyote Bimini Extensions to customize the height of your Coyote bimini, as well as where it sits when collapsed. Add these extensions to the bottom of the main bow to extend the overall collapsed length and deployed height. This will also allow you to move your mount closer to oar towers without interference with your rowing. Includes extensions and bolt / nuts for attaching to your bimini frame. Mounting instructions included. Designed to work exclusively with the Coyote Bimini and may not fit other brands.

Each extension will extend the collapsed length by the measured amount, and the height by 2/3rds of the extension length (i.e. a 9" extension will make the collapsed length 9" longer and the overall height 6" taller). Will require you to move your bimini mount closer to the oar towers to achieve the same canopy positioning as stock.

*Will require you to drill two holes with a 9/32" drill bit.*

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