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Kayak Bilge Pump

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Move water with less fatigue. The Perception Kayak Bilge Pump is perfect getting water out of your boat. Designed to move water quickly, the Perception Bilge Pump will move 1 gallon of water with 13 or 14 pumps.

  • A must-have for keeping you dryer and safer on open water and extended paddling trips
  • Expels water on both upward and downward strokes for maximum efficiency and less fatigue
  • Approximate pump rate of around 1 gallon per 13 to 14 pumps
  • Ribbed spout for extension hose attachment
  • Foam padded handgrip is non-slip and provides buoyancy
  • Synthetic body and shaft will withstand the corrosive powers of salt water
  • Length: 20.25” (51.44 cm)
SKU #1610055