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Atcha Inflatable Whitewater SUP

Atcha Inflatable Whitewater SUP

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Designed specifically for whitewater, the Hala Atcha Inflatable Whitewater Stand Up Paddleboard is a one of the few inflatable boards on the market made with whitewater and river surfing in mind. The wide, round nose helps keep the board on top of the water and offers unmatched stability, while the swallowtail and 1.5" raised stomp pad make the board incredibly responsive. For smaller paddlers or anyone looking for a sportier ride, look no further than the Atcha 8'6, which is more maneuverable thanks to its small and nimble profile. On the other hand, the larger 9'6 offers more stability and speed, while the extra volume makes it ideal for larger paddlers.

The Atcha features Hala's unique Stompbox 2 fin, which is perfect for the low volume rivers of Colorado and more. Designed to retract into the board whenever it contacts a rock, the Stompbox 2 fin is durable and made for heavy use.

  • Strong, stiff and durable Core Construction
  • Full rocker profile for performance in difficult whitewater
  • 6 soft rigging points ensure your gear will be safe anytime you're on the water
  • 2 Cloth Side Handles
  • Bottom D Ring for Towing
  • Diamond Groove 4mm traction pad
  • 4 Removable Gummy Side Bite click fins
  • Backcountry Rolling Backpack
  • 5 year warranty

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