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Classic with Open Deck

Classic with Open Deck

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The Alpacka Classic Pack Raft is the gold standard by which everything else is measured; the Classic delivers adventure driven fun from your backyard to the backcountry. Made locally in Mancos, Colorado, the Classic features all of the quality materials and workmanship that Alpacka has built their reputation on, with minimalist features and budget friendly pricing to boot.

The Classic keeps it simple with our adventure tested Classic Hull, a no fuss seating system, minimalist attachments, and bombproof materials and construction. Configure it exactly to your liking with Open (shown here), Whitewater Deck, or Removable Whitewater Deck (contact us for pricing and availability on these options). You can also add the innovative Cargo Fly zipper internal storage system with or without internal dry bags, factory installed grab loops, strap plates, D-Rings, and / or handles (contact us for pricing on custom options and accessories).

  • Shape: Classic Hull
  • Tube Diameter: 11.7-inch
  • Fit: Relaxed (See sizing and specifications)
  • Seating: Classic Seat Bottom and Inflatable Seat Back
  • Build Configurations: Open (price shown here), Self Bailer, Cruiser Deck, Whitewater Deck, or Removable WW Deck (contact us for info and pricing)
  • Cargo Fly: Optional (roll-top internal dry bags sold separately. Contact us for pricing.)
  • Valve: Temper assist valve for inflation and deflation
  • Attachments: 4 bow grab loops, 2 stern grab loops, and 2 strap plates
  • Materials: Proprietary 210-denier high count nylon hull and 840-denier ballistic nylon floor (Made in USA). Sorry, no custom multi-color or Vectran options.
  • Includes: Inflation Bag, Stuff Sack, and Basic Repair Kit
  • Contact us for other configuration option pricing and availability

*Max Capacity is the maximum total weight (paddlers and cargo) that the boat can reasonably carry in flatwater under ideal conditions. Actual capacity for any given trip will vary widely based on the paddler’s skill and water conditions. Please review our weight carrying capacity guide for further details.

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Small (Alpaca) Medium (Yak) Large (Llama)
Build Option Weight* Packed Size** Weight* Packed Size** Weight* Packed Size**
Open (OP) 5.5lb | 2.51kg 16x6.5in | 41x17cm 5.7lb | 2.58kg 16x7in | 41x18cm 5.8lb | 2.65kg 16x7.5in | 41x19cm
Open (OP) | Cargo Fly (CF) 5.8lb | 2.62kg 16x6.5in | 41x17cm 5.9lb | 2.69kg 16x7in | 41x18cm 6.1lb | 2.76kg 16x7.5in | 41x19cm
Cruiser Deck (CR) 6.7lb | 3.04kg 17x6.5in | 43x17cm 6.8lb | 3.06kg 17x7in | 43x18cm 7.0lb | 3.18kg 17x7.5in | 43x19cm
CR | CF 6.9lb | 3.13kg 17x6.5in | 43x17cm 7.0lb | 3.18kg 17x7in | 43x18cm 7.2lb | 3.27kg 17x7.5in | 43x19cm
Whitewater Deck (WW) 7.0lb | 3.17kg 17x7in | 43x18cm 7.1lb | 3.23kg 17x7.5in | 43x19cm 7.4lb | 3.33kg 17x8in | 43x20cm
WW | CF 7.2lb | 3.28kg 17x7in | 43x18cm 7.4lb | 3.35kg 17x7.5in | 43x19cm 7.6lb | 3.45kg 17x8in | 43x20cm
Removable Whitewater Deck (WR) 7.3lb | 3.31kg 17x7.5in | 43x19cm 7.4lb | 3.35kg 17x8in | 43x20cm 7.7lb | 3.49kg 17x8.5in | 43x22cm
WR | CF 7.5lb | 3.40kg 17x7.5in | 43x19cm 7.6lb | 3.46kg 17x8in | 43x20cm 7.9lb | 3.58kg 17x8.5in | 43x22cm
Self Bailer (SB) 6.3lb | 2.86kg 17x6.5in | 43x17cm 6.5lb | 2.95kg 17x7in | 43x18cm 6.8lb | 3.08kg 17x7.5in | 43x19cm
SB | CF 6.6lb | 2.97kg 17x6.5in | 43x17cm 6.8lb | 3.07kg 17x7in | 43x18cm 7.0lb | 3.19kg 17x7.5in | 43x19cm

*Weight includes all components except inflation bag, repair kit, and internal dry bags for Cargo Fly.
**Packed size is a reference measurement based on folding each lengthwise edge of the boat to the center and rolling from the bow. There are many other methods of rolling and folding boats that will result in a different packed size that may be more or less efficient for packing depending on the situation.

Sizing Chart

Small (Alpaca) Medium (Yak) Large (Llama)
Paddler Sit Length 35-39in | 88-99cm 38-42in | 97-107cm 41-45in | 104-114cm
Exterior Length 89in | 226cm 92in | 234cm 95in | 241cm
Exterior Width 37.25in | 95cm 37.25in | 95cm 37.25in | 95cm
Interior Length 43in | 109cm 46in | 117cm 49in | 124cm
Interior Width at Hip 14.5in | 37cm 14.5in | 37cm 14.5in | 37cm
Max Capacity* 400lbs | 181kg 400lbs | 181kg 400lbs | 181kg