Warranty Information and Claims

Got the gear but somethings not right? We are happy to help determine if your gear is covered under warranty and/or eligible for warranty replacement. Please email 4crswarranty@gmail.com and include the following information: Name and contact information, order number, purchase date, product brand, and a description of the issue. Most importantly, please attach at least 3 photos including: the entire item, the serial number (if applicable), a close up of the defect with a universal scale (i.e., a tape measure or a quarter). Warranty requests must include photos to be processed. If you would like to review a specific manufacturer's warranty policy or register your recently purchased item, please follow this link for more information.

In some cases, the company may prefer to handle warranty issues directly. Please contact the company directly if you have a warranty issue with products from one of the following manufacturers:

As always, we are happy to email a copy of your receipt to assist your warranty claim processing.