Raft, Kayak & SUP Rentals in Durango, Colorado

4Corners Riversports is proud to offer the largest selection of raft rentals, kayak rentals, canoe rentals, stand up paddle board rentals and river gear rentals in the Southwest. Whether you’re planning an afternoon trip on the Animas River or a local lake, or planning a multi-day expedition on the San Juan, Chama, Cataract Canyon, Westwater, the Grand Canyon, the Dolores, the Salt or any other river in Colorado, Utah, Arizona or New Mexico, we have the gear you need available for rent! We also now have on-site kayak & SUP rentals at Lake Nighthorse! (see below)

Looking to try before you buy? Check out our demo card offerings! We will also apply up to 3 rentals towards the purchase of a new boat or board, even without the purchase of a demo card. Call us for info 970-259-3893



On-Site Rentals @ Lake Nighthorse

On-Site Rentals at Lake Nighthorse:



On-Site Rentals at Lake Nighthorse, less than a 3 mile drive from our store and 5 miles from Downtown Durango! We have a large selection of solo and tandem kayaks, fishing kayaks, pedal drive kayaks, and SUPs. Rentals are a first-come first-serve basis at our Nighthorse location. Our rental tent is located lakeside across from the overflow parking lot. Weather dependent, our rental tent is open 9am-5pm daily (last rental at 3pm) June - August. We will also be open on some weekends in May & September. 

For info, call our Nighthorse Lake phone at 970-946-6410.

*We do not take reservations at our Lake Nighthorse location. First come, first served.*

2 Hour
4 Hour
Full Day
Paddle Boards / SUPs
Solo Kayaks
Tandem Kayaks
Solo Pedal Drive Kayaks
Beast Multi-Person Paddle Board (up to 8)

Raft Rentals

Raft Rentals in Durango, CO

Raft rentals for the San Juan River, Animas River, Rio Chama, Colorado River, Dolores River, and more.

Headed on a San Juan Trip? Check out our San Juan River Trip Guide

Rental Rafts:

13', 14′, 15′ & 16′

Expedition Rafts: Includes Raft, Center Frame, Oars (3), Dry Box, Canyon 100 qt. Cooler, Camp Table*, Drop Bag, Straps, Pump, Repair Kit, Throw Bag. 12' will fit 2 people, 14′ will fit 3-4 people, 16′ will fit 4-5 people on a multi-day trip. *12' does not include a camp table*

Paddle Rafts: include the raft, thwarts, pump, repair kit and up to 9 raft paddles (depending on raft size). Most rafts are available as a paddle boat set up. Will fit up to 2-8 paddlers depending on size.

13' Fishing Package includes: Frame, Oars, Cooler, Stern Swivel Seat, Casting Platforms, Lean Bars, Anchor System. Can also be done in a 14' package by request. 

*Minimum flows for renting an oar frame setup for use on the Animas Town Run is 800cfs. Minimum flows for paddle boats are 350cfs. Maximum Animas Town Run flows are 3000cfs for any raft type. Check flows here.*


1-2 Days**

3-4 Days

5+ Days

Expedition – 13′, 14', 16′
$150 /day
$125 /day
$110 /day
Fishing Package - 13' - 14'
$150 /day
$125 /day
$110 /day
Paddle Boats – 13′, 14', 16′
$100 /day
$85 /day
$70 /day ­ ­
Paddle Boats – 9.5′- 12′
$60 /day
$55 /day
$50 /day

Raft Trailer Rentals:  $25/day (1-6 Days) / $20/day (7+ days)

*Limit of 2 expedition rafts or 3 paddle rafts per trailer*

**We reserve the right to prioritize longer rentals over 1 or 2 day rentals. (I.E. if your two day reservation is conflicting with a 7 day rental, we will prioritize the longer rental.) We will inform you if we need to cancel your 1 or 2 day rental reservation as quickly as possible.**

SUP & Surfboard Rentals

Stand Up Paddle Board & River Surf Board Rentals – Durango, Colorado

We offer a large variety of rental Inflatable SUPs from Badfish, SOL, Boardworks and NRS. We also offer a small selection of traditional prone-style river surf boards from Badfish, SOL, Boardworks, and SofTech. Please call us for availability of specific models. 

All SUP board rentals include a paddle and a leash. Inflatables can include a pump, repair kit and carry bag upon request. Prone surfboards will NOT include a paddle.

*Please note that Colorado State Law requires each paddle board, kayak or canoe to have a PFD and whistle on board for every person on/in the craft, on any lake or flatwater river. If you do not have your own, you will be required to rent one.*

1-2 Days

3-4 Days

5+ Days

$40 /day
$35 /day
$30 /day

Demo Card
Want to try out a bunch of different boards or planning on doing a lot of rentals throughout the summer? Try our SUP Demo Card! The card gets you 5 single day rentals included in the price and $50 off the purchase of a new board.
$150 / 5 punch card. Each additional demo $25.

Inflatable Kayak & Pack Raft Rentals


Inflatable Kayak Rentals – Durango, CO

Inflatable Kayaks:

We offer a variety of rental inflatable kayaks / duckies from NRS / STAR, AIRE / Tributary, and Alpacka  Please call us for availability of specific models. Includes up to 2 paddles, pump and repair kit.

* We do not rent out IKs for town-runs when the Animas is over 2,000 c.f.s. We also reserve the right to deny any IK rentals depending on your destination, current flow or experience level. You must have some previous IK experience to rent an Alpacka Pack Raft.*


1-2 Days

3-4 Days

5+ Days

$40 /day
$35 /day
$30 /day
$55 /day
$50 /day
$45 /day
$55 /day
$50 /day
$45 /day

Lake & Fishing Kayak Rentals


Touring, Lake & Fishing Kayak Rentals – Durango

*Most all of our Touring & Rental are located at our on-site Lake Nighthorse rental location. Please call us for availability at our in-store location*

See our Lake Nighthorse Rentals tab above for more info & pricing. 

Whitewater Kayak Rentals

whitewater_kayak_rentals_new_mexico_colorado_durango.jpgWhitewater Kayak Rentals – Durango, Colorado

*Our Whitewater Kayak Rentals are for experienced whitewater kayakers only. Must be willing to prove you have a proficient whitewater experience and a solid eskimo roll to rent a hardshell whitewater kayak. For inexperienced paddlers, please see our Inflatable Kayak Rentals above.*

Whitewater Kayak Rentals / Demos:

We try to carry each relevant model and size of kayaks from Jackson Kayak, Dagger, Pyranha and LiquidLogic. 

Available as Boat Only or as a Package with paddle, skirt, helmet & PFD.

*Due to the dangerous nature of whitewater kayaking, only experience kayakers with a competent eskimo roll can rent whitewater kayaks. You may be asked to demonstrate your rolling ability in our outdoor pool before we will rent you a whitewater kayak. We reserve the right to deny any WW kayak rental based on ability level or the classification of the river where it will be taken. In general we do no rent WW kayaks for trips over Class III+*

**We also reserve the right to refuse any rental based on our Kayak School schedule, as we only have a limited number of boats. We generally will NOT do rentals for more than a few days from May - July since those are generally our busiest times for kayak school**

1-2 Days*
3-4 Days*
5-14 Days* 15+ Days**
Boat Only $40 /day $30 /day $25 /day $17 /day
Package $50 /day $40 /day $35 /day $25 /day


Demo Cards: (3 half-day demos) are available for $25.
Demo cards are meant for those wanting to try several different kayaks on the Animas Town Run ONLY! Rentals for more than half-day or for other rivers will be charged at the daily rental rate.

River Gear & Drysuit Rentals


River Gear & Drysuit Rentals – Durango, CO

Paddling Gear:

  • PFD/Life Jacket …$5/day
  • Wetsuit ……………. $10/day
  • Splash Jacket …….$5/day
  • Helmet ……………… $5/day
  • Drysuits ……………………
    • 1-2 Days ….. $35/day
    • 3-6 Days ….. $25/day
    • 7-14 Days … $20/day
    • 15-20 Days ...$17/day
    • 21+ Days.......$15/day

*Drysuit rentals that have to be shipped will be charged for the days in transit and the customer will be responsible for shipping both ways, including shipping insurance covering the cost of the suit ($1000)*


*all rentals will include an appropriate number of paddles for each craft. Prices listed below are for rental of a paddle only.*
  • Canoe / Raft …. $5/day
  • Kayak & SUP … $10/day

Expedition Raft & Camp Gear­river_camp_groover_toilet_firepan_rentals_new_mexico_utah_arizona_colorado_durango.jpg

Rental Request

Submitting this form is a request only and does not guarantee you a reservation. We will call you to complete your reservation once we confirm availability of equipment on the requested dates.

For a faster response or for same / next day reservations, please call us at: (970) 259-3893.

*Lake Nighthorse rentals are first come, first served. We only offer reservations for in-store rentals.*

Rental Policy:

We require 100% payment up front to make your rental reservation.

Cancellation policy: We offer a full 100% refund to the original payment method used if canceled more than 7 days prior to the reservation. 100% refund as in-store credit only if cancelled within 7 days of your reservation. See our Rental Policies at the bottom of the page for info.

*As per Colorado State Law, we must collect sales tax on all rental equipment. Prices listed do not include 8.4% local sales tax*

*Please note that Colorado State Law requires each paddle board, kayak or canoe to have a PFD and whistle on board for every person on/in the craft, on any lake or flatwater river. For liability reasons, we require PFDs be worn by every person on the vessel at all times while using any piece of rental equipment on any river, creek or moving body of water. If you do not have your own PFD(s) for each person in your party, you will be required to rent them.*

At the time of rental, you will be required to sign a liability waiver and a damage responsibility waiver stating that you will be financially responsible for any lost or damaged rental gear. We also require a valid Driver’s license and current address on file as a damage deposit. We reserve the right to charge a $25 cleaning fee per item if the gear is returned unclean.

Pick Up / Drop Off:

You may pick up your rental at opening of business, and it must be returned by the end of the business day. Multi-day rentals must be returned by the end of business on the last day of your rental. Any rentals returned late will be charged for an additional rental day.

Expedition Raft Packages: We WILL allow expedition raft packages to be picked up the evening before the rental and dropped off within the first 15 minutes of the following business day at no extra charge. This ONLY applies to expedition rental packages.

*All rental equipment rented from our store location must be cleaned before being returned. We even have a hose and cleaning equipment here for you to use.  We reserve the right to charge a cleaning fee on any equipment that is returned dirty.*