Raft Rentals in Durango, CO

Raft rentals for the San Juan River, Animas River, Rio Chama, Colorado River, Dolores River, and more.

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Rental Rafts:

13', 14′, 15′ & 16′

Expedition Rafts: Includes Raft, Center Frame, Oars (3), Dry Box, Canyon 100 qt. Cooler, Camp Table*, Drop Bag, Straps, Pump, Repair Kit, Throw Bag. 12' will fit 2 people, 14′ will fit 3-4 people, 16′ will fit 4-5 people on a multi-day trip. *12' does not include a camp table*

Paddle Rafts: include the raft, thwarts, pump, repair kit and up to 9 raft paddles (depending on raft size). Most rafts are available as a paddle boat set up. 10.5' Rio Craft can fit up to 6, High Five 9.5' fits up to 4, Slice fits 2

13' Fishing Package includes: Frame, Oars, Cooler, Stern Swivel Seat, Casting Platforms, Lean Bars, Anchor System. Can also be done in a 14' package by request. 

*Minimum flows for renting an oar frame setup for use on the Animas Town Run is 800cfs. Minimum flows for paddle boats are 350cfs. Maximum Animas Town Run flows are 3000cfs for any raft type. Check flows here.*


1-2 Days**

3-4 Days

5+ Days

Expedition – 13′, 14', 16′
$150 /day
$125 /day
$110 /day
Fishing Package - 13' or 14'
$150 /day
$125 /day
$110 /day
Paddle Boats – 13′ or 14'
$100 /day
$85 /day
$70 /day ­ ­
Paddle Boats – 10.5' or 9.5'
$65 /day
$55 /day
$50 /day
Paddle Cat - Slice 2 person
$55 /day
$50 /day
$45 /day

Raft Trailer Rentals:  $25/day (1-6 Days) / $20/day (7+ days)

*Limit of 2 expedition rafts or 3 paddle rafts per trailer*

**We reserve the right to prioritize longer rentals over 1 or 2 day rentals. (I.E. if your two day reservation is conflicting with a 7 day rental, we will prioritize the longer rental.) We will inform you if we need to cancel your 1 or 2 day rental reservation as quickly as possible.**