Mason Pritchett

I am the Paddle School director here at 4Corners Riversports. I am originally from Birmingham, AL and have been teaching in Durango for the last 2 summers. I started paddling when I was in high school, and became obsessed while in college. I love the places kayaking can take you, and the way it allows you to experience nature in an unique way. I lived in North Carolina during my college years, and my favorite rivers are the Green, French Broad, and Tallulah in North Carolina. My favorite boats over the years have been the Pyranha 9r for creeking, and the Jackson Rockstar for playboating. I can’t wait to share my love of the river with you!

Jordan Williams

I have been kayaking since I was ten years old and begged my mother to let me to try and roll her kayak in the pool. Since then I have been fortunate enough to spend my summers kayaking around the Western United States as well as Canada. Some of my favorite rivers include the Ottawa, the White Nile, the Colorado, the Middle and Main Salmon, the Rio Grande, the Animas, and the Arkansas. I do a bit of everything in kayaking. Play boating has always been my favorite, but I love anything that gets me on the water. I love kayaking because it never ceases to take me to new and beautiful places and always introduces me to the best people. I grew up in Corrales, New Mexico, and have spent most of my time kayaking in New Mexico and Colorado. I have taught in New Mexico and Colorado and am excited to return to 4Corners this summer!

Mark Quenelle

I have been paddling for over 30 years, and have been an ACA Instructor for three years, which is also how long that I’ve been at 4CRS. I love Durango and all that it offers, especially the local rivers. My passions all involve the mountains, and I enjoy backcountry skiing and snowshoeing. My favorite local whitewater run is the Piedra. My favorite craft is a canoe, but I also love to kayak and love to share my passion for being on the river!