One Wheel GT

One Wheel GT Electric Skateboard



*Due to our dealer agreement, we cannot sell OneWheel’s directly online.

Please call (800-426-7637) or stop by for more info or to order.*

The OneWheel GT is the next evolution of the revolutionary OneWheel, an electric, all terrain, one wheeled skateboard. Inspired by the feeling of snowboarding and surfing, the OneWheel GT offers increased speed, power and range from 20-32 miles, shortening commutes or extending a shred session. The OneWheel GT has concave footpads for turning pavement and trails into an endless playground for anyone seeking the feeling of riding a wave or shredding powder.

You may be wondering, “What’s a river sports store doing carrying an electric skateboard?” Simply put, this is the closest thing we’ve found to surfing (or snowboarding) on dry land and we simply couldn’t resist. They’re just SO MUCH FUN!

OneWheel’s dynamic stabilization creates a hands-free, lean-to-go control and allows you to carve smooth heel and toe turns on and off road. The OneWheel is also self-balancing thanks to internal sensors that balance the board around the wheel. The Onewheel GT also features Surestance, which offers increased responsiveness and stance options. The new more powerful, internal Hypercore hub motor is the only moving part, giving it extreme durability and tons of power. Compared to the Onewheel Plus XR, the GT has even more power and torque! Regenerative braking help the OneWheel keep its charge, which lasts for up to 32 miles! It also fully recharges in just minutes thanks to the included Ultracharger.

With its off-road capabilities, you’ll spend all day dreaming up new places you can take your OneWheel. And thanks to the iPhone + Android integrated app, you can custom tailor exactly how the board performs and responds for different riding conditions. The OneWheel is also road-legal with LED brake and head lights integrated into the board. Explore your world with the revolutionary new board-sport, the OneWheel!


  • Motor: 750W Hypercore® hub motor
  • Battery: NMC
  • Sensors: Solid state MEMS 6-DOF
  • Tire: 11.5in x 6.5-6in Vega
  • Max lean angle: >30 degrees
  • Size: 9.5in x 11.5in x 29.5in (241mm x 292mm x 750mm)
  • Weight: 27lbs