Paddle School Director

Ashleigh Tucker

Ashleigh Tucker is the Paddle School Director and a managing partner at 4CRS. She has been at 4CRS for over 15 years and has worn many hats! As an avid kayaker and rafter, she brings the love of the river and education to the 4CRS Paddle School. 

Mark Quenelle canoeing through Smelter Rapid.

Pool Man

Mark Quenelle

I have been paddling for over 30 years, and have been an ACA Instructor for three years, which is also how long that I’ve been at 4CRS. I love Durango and all that it offers, especially the local rivers. My passions all involve the mountains, and I enjoy backcountry skiing and snowshoeing. My favorite local whitewater run is the Piedra. My favorite craft is a canoe, but I also love to kayak and love to share my passion for being on the river!