4CRS Consignment Program for used Boats, Boards and Gear

Looking to upgrade your old boat or board? 4Corners Riversports is here to help! We are happy to take in select kayaks, rafts, paddleboards and canoes on consignment. After a quick inspection, 4CRS staff will determine whether or not the item is suitable for consignment and can help you determine a selling price if necessary.

In order to work towards the best interests of both the customer and 4CRS, we like to price items to sell not, not to sit. Upon selling your item, 4CRS will take a 25% commission should you want payment via check or a 15% commission should you wish to receive in-store credit. Check out our full consignment policy below.

Consignment Policy

4Corners Riversports (4CRS) reserves the sole right to sell your equipment at the agreed upon price that is listed. Upon sale, 4CRS will take 25% of the final sale price if a check is requested as payment for goods listed, or 15% of the final sale price if the amount is applied towards in-store credit. By signing a contract with 4CRS, consignors agree to sell their equipment exclusively through 4CRS for a term of 2 months. If the equipment is sold independently during the 2 month period, 4CRS will still require the 25% commission amount of the original agreed upon listing price, regardless of the actual sale price, before the equipment will be released. 4CRS is not liable for damage, loss, or theft of any consignment equipment or any of its parts or pieces. Consignors acknowledge that it is understood that all contract obligations listed above are agreed to.