The Legend

With all the buzz about the infamous big sur wave coming in and staying above 20,000 cfs for the past few weeks I couldn’t help but feel obligated to go. I was willing to go by myself after little response from my texting frenzy. Two nights before departure Anna Fisher said she could make it happen. After a long day of work we managed to escape the heat of Durango and head north. We took a minor detour at the god-awful Ridgeway “play park” and I believe we spent more time getting dressed than actually in the water. We figured it would make the sur that much better. The next morning we found the wave only after one emergency exit turn around. We had the entire place to ourselves all day unless you count the mosquitoes. I haven’t had surfs that good in a long time and we both contemplated trying to get out of work the next day and stay. We opted for Peach Street Distillery and enjoyed our favorite vodka before ending our 24 hour rally to a wave we only read about in books. It was totally worth it.

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