Support Flow Restoration on the Dolores - AW

Anyone that has any kind of interest in flows on the Dolores (or even if you don’t), should take 30 seconds to add your name to the American Whitewater letter asking the Bureau of Reclamation:

– to protect the public interest and the environment through appropriate operation of it’s facilities at McPhee Reservoir.

– to protect and enhance conditions for fish, wildlife, land, and cultural resources, including recreation.

– to work with their stakeholders, including American Whitewater, to identify and plan for existing and future environmental and recreation water needs and to ensure recreation opportunities meet public needs and expectations.

With your support we will directly pressure the Bureau of Reclamation to incorporate recreation, fish and wildlife, and cultural resource requirements into the water and power operations of McPhee Reservoir.

These actions all build towards lasting instream flow protections: they build public support and contribute to a strong, cohesive, diverse, and knowledgeable community seeking those protections.

For more info check out American Whitewater’s page, or to go directly to the letter, go here.

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