Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers

Will Berger

The best stocking stuffers for boaters

1. Luci Lights

2. Jacks Bucket

3. Lil Suckers

4. Groover Log

5. Nose Plugs

6. Knit Hat


1. Luci Lights


Luci Lights


The Luci Solar String Lights adds extra ambiance to any adventure with warm white light across an 18-foot cord. Solar powered, with mobile charging, these string lights are perfect for kayakers, hikers, or campers of any type. Up your basecamp game with this ultimate crowd pleaser.

    2. Jacks Bucket


    Jacks Plastic Bucket


    You'll wonder how you ever lived without a Jack's Plastic Welding Water Bucket. From camp to home to car, these tough PVC (raft material), foldable buckets measure 14" in diameter and 16" tall. On the river they are handy for hauling or settling water, as a wash bucket, or as a day bag for holding all those items you need quick access to. Excellent for hauling food and beverage to and from the rig to the camp kitchen, or even for collecting firewood.

    3. Lil Sucker


    Lil Sucker Coozy Boozy


    Keep your beverage in place with the 4CRS Lil Sucker Boozie. This ain't your normal beer holder, the Lil Sucker features a suction disc on the base, allowing your drink to stick to your cooler, dry box, raft tube, or just about any smooth surface.4


    4. Nose Plugs


    Nose Plugs


    Comfy, grippy, and low profile, Cottonmouth Nose Plugs keep the water out without feeling like your nose is in a vice.

      5. Groover Log


      Groover log


      The Dirt Bag Boater Groover Log is a great addition to the already memorable groover experiences. Capture all the best and worst moments in your groover experiences for all to enjoy. The Groover Log will not only provide space for your deep groover thoughts it also gives an opportunity to rate the groover location, the view, and the overall stink factor throughout any river trip.

      6. Jacquard Knit Hat


      Knit hat


      Warm and stylish, the 4CRS Jacquard Knit had is perfect for the winter or for those cold nights on the river. 


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