SCAM ALERT - Spoofed 4CRS website

SCAM ALERT - Spoofed 4CRS website

Matt Gerhardt
Dear loyal customers fellow river community,

As many of you are aware, a foreign scammer has set up a spoof website using our name, logo and most of the products we have listed on our website. Many of these products have ridiculous discounts that are very obviously a scam, but many less expensive items aren’t as easy to spot as fake. Obviously this does nothing to help our reputation as a specialty paddle sports retailer of 40+ years, but more importantly, we want to make the broader river community aware as we don’t want anyone else to get scammed.

We are asking for your help to get this site taken down by taking 2-3 minutes out of your day to report the fraudulent website to Google, the FTC and to the website’s hosts. Below are direct links to each form.

Report a Phishing Page
Report Fraud
Report Abuse

The copycat URL to report is:
(We discourage you from actually visiting this site, as the more traffic it gets, the more legit it looks to Google)

We sincerely appreciate your help! Please feel free to share this!

Matt Gerhardt - Managing Partner
4Corners Riversports
Durango, CO
( (our only valid URL)