San Juan River Fee Increase

ATTN All San Juan River Lovers:

The BLM has proposed a 66% user fee increase for the Lower San Juan River in 2014 to cover “increased operational costs”. The public comment period for this proposal ends Jan 25th. If you plan on visiting the Lower San Juan in the future, we would encourage you to read through the plan and submit any comments you may have to the BLM. You may email your comments to You can view the plan at: The official press release can be found at Among some of the additional changes proposed in the plan are:
  • A permit application fee
  • An online permit application
  • Shortened permit season (April 15 thru July 15)
  • Increased River Patrols & on-river compliance checks
  • Increased environmental protection & restoration
  • Additional River Rangers
  • Improvements to Sand Island and Monticello Field Offices
Some things that are NOT discussed (but we feel should be):
  • Future structural improvements to the Sand Island boat ramp or structures downstream of Sand Island, including the Mexican Hat launch site, lower canyon camp sites, or the Clay Hills takeout.
  • A combination of the San Juan River and Navajo Nation permits.
Please help us to make the San Juan River an enjoyable and attainable experience for all river lovers for years to come by submitting any comments you may have (positive and/or negative) to the BLM in regards to this Draft Plan.
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