Photo Dump: Animas Riverdays Rodeo 2009

After surviving my post-ARD Ska party hangover (a la the Cure and several bloodys from the Ranch) I stumbled down to the rodeo, which by that point, was well underway. Somehow I managed to find and operate the shutter button on my camera just in time to catch the end of the comp. Certainly not my most productive or creative day of photography, but better late and lazy than never.
Dave Fusilli

EJ in the new All Star

Jared Seiler

4Crs Shoprat Chris Young

EJ and Wiley Corra in the first ever ARD Tandem Kayak Rodeo

Chris Young and Ciara Miesler going for the mid-surf high-five…

… and failing.

All photos © Matt Gerhardt 2009

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