New 2010 Jackson Star Series is coming...

Jackson Kayaks just announced their new 2010 lineup of Star playboats. We’ll have them in stock in the next few weeks, so be sure to stop by 4Corners Riversports and check ’em out.

Here’s the press release from EJ himself:

The Future of Freestyle Kayaks is Now a Reailty – The best is now even better!

Do you want to learn to spin, blunt, cartwheel or loop? Are you wanting the biggest air, most retentive wave machine, and to win the World Championships? The 2010 Star series is the unparalleled answer to your playboating dreams!

Imagine yourself doing more and learning faster than ever before. This design delivers on JK’s promise to always stay well in the lead for easy to use, comfortable, high performance playboating machines.

Design and Performance characteristics: Short, short, short!

1. Makes it the easiest for spinning, cartwheeling, blunting, looping, or any maneuver requiring you to rotate in any direction or get air.
2. Easier to launch off the water on waves.
3. More retentive- much easier to stick moves
4. Faster rotational speed (12% faster in the air and even faster when the ends are in the water)
5. Less bottom impact- boat will last longer and low water is no longer an issue.

Wedge shaped deck:

1. Even bigger loops.
2. Easy to control symmetrical wing shaped cross sections making for smooth ends and low water resistance.

High performance hull

1. New rocker Profile packs more speed into a shorter hull!
2. Fast and easy to lift off the water- a hard combination to pull off- but this boat does it perfectly.
3. Easier than ever to “reel up” both forward and backwards for all aerial moves on waves or holes.
4. Slick loose hull that you can “slide out” to spin, grind, or helix, while still offering the legendary “no paddle needed” directional control with simple edging.

Comfort package moves yet another step ahead of the pack.

1. Narrower Knee position for improved leg comfort.
2. More hand and paddle room for vertical paddle strokes
3. Sweet Cheeks 200 for deeper bucket seating and lift into knee area.
4. New Hip pad design with more hook and wider coverage area.

Light- Weight, Comfortable, Durable, and Dry

1. New Formula Cross-linked Plastic takes durability to a new level. (now being cooked in the oven for 45 minutes at 600 degrees- compared to industry standard of 20-25 minutes for linear plastic)
a. More rigid
b. Better for the environment, and the molders, no peroxides.
2. Overall boat weight reduced by 2 pounds over 2007-2009 Star series
3. New Cockpit design improves dryness to an all time high.s
4. Total ergonomic package takes another leap forward.
5. New Stern and bow shape are specifically designed for abuse at the shallow whitewater parks of the world. New shape will wear three times longer!

Largest Size Playboat ever now in production! Our new size the “Mon-Star” means that no longer are the large men and women of the world left behind!

A quick note about this incredible design:

David Knight and I stressed heavily over the river running capabilities of this boat when we were designing it. Only a real test would tell. WOW!!! It is even easier to keep the ends out of the water and with more volume and less surface area, and more speed, it is easier to go down river! That was the icing on top to make it hands down our biggest achievement in a playboat! Beginner, intermediate, or want to win the world champs, this is the only choice worth considering at this point in time. Sweet!



  • Faster on a wave
  • More responsive/aggressive carving
  • Looser
  • Bigger air front and back from submerged end launches
  • Bigger air from surface launches
  • Easier to get ends down and control when submerged
  • Less “swing weight” when aerial
  • Improved bow/stern balance
  • Better wear characteristics





Knee Height:
46-3/4 gallons
Cockpit Dimensions:
19″ x 32-1/2″


Knee Height:
55-1/2 gallons
Cockpit Dimensions:
20-1/4″ x 34-1/2″

Super Star

Knee Height:
64 gallons
Cockpit Dimensions:
21″ x 36″


Knee Height:
72-3/4 gallons
Cockpit Dimensions:
37″ x 21-1/2″
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