New 2010 Jackson Fun Series

Eric Jackson

2010 Fun Series is here!

The best just got better!

David Knight and I have anxiously awaited the opportunity to add what we have learned about boat design in the past three years to the new Fun series. Now, we have finally been able to apply our new knowledge and improve what has become the staple boat for people wanting the best of both river running and playing. This is our third edition of the Fun Series and I am proud to say that we achieved our design goals once again. Simply put, we wanted to improve both the river running and the playboating characteristics of this model. Here is what you can expect.

River Running:

  1. The 2010 Fun is lighter weight, making it easier to carry and maneuver for everyone, and those people who aren’t as strong will really appreciate the lighter weight package.
  2. The comfort of the 2010 Fun series is awesome and also an improvement over the 2007 model. There is more footroom, a better knee position, and the cockpit rim is lower around the hips and back allowing for more comfortable rolling too.
  3. The bow and stern stay out of the water better for downriver paddling and surfing waves. This makes for easier peel outs, ferries, and carrying speed through the harder moves. Awesome!
  4. The edges have been rounded off substantially on the parting line eliminating a lot of the "torque" that can come from catching an edge, making it easier to stay upright.
  5. The forward speed is also improved for longer lake paddles and flatwater over the 2007 Fun.
  6. Rolling- This is a terrific boat to learn your roll in, take it to the next level, or simply assure you the easiest rolling available. You’ll love how easily this boat rolls!


  1. Faster wave surfing, looser hull, and very user friendly. We took the same design ideas that made the 2010 All-Star a surfing machine and applied them here.
  2. Easier for vertical moves- the improved wing shape, better parting line position are both big parts of why this boat is so improved in getting vertical. Squirting or cartwheeling are both much easier and smoother. No more “splash splash” when trying to cartwheel. A nice smooth entry and exit on both the bow and stern make it easier to learn your first vertical end, or link a dozen of them!
  3. The wedge shaped bow and stern provide a ton of POP for launching huge loops! This boat is crazy good for getting air!
  4. The bow and stern are shorter and higher out of the water making learning your first spin in a hole or on a wave much easier, or freeing the expert boater up to think about other things.

Who should get the 2010 Fun Series?

This boat is your one boat does it all boat. Run about any river or play about any feature. If you are learning to paddle and want the fastest learning curve, while still being able to get on as many new rivers as possible, the Fun is just that. If you are an expert wanting to run hard stuff, but still want to play your way down, the Fun is the ticket.

Sizing? We are doing three sizes of the 2010 Model. 2 Fun, Fun, and 4 Fun. If you are a really little person or a really large person- we have the Fun 1, Fun 1.5, and the 2007 Super Fun for you still in full production.

When can you get your own brand new 2010 Fun???

The Fun will begin shipping to dealers by September 28th!

2 Fun and 4 Fun will be available by late November.

If you want to get an early one, contact your dealer and get your name on the list!

I hope you are as excited about this new boat as I am!!!



2 Fun

Length: 6′ 2″
Width: 24.5″
Height: 13″
Volume: 48.5 gallons
Target Weight Range*: 110-155 lbs.
* this boat handles a little bit more weight than the 2007 version, as it is slightly larger.


Length 6'5"
Width: 25.625"
>Height: 13.75"
Volume: 55.5 gallons
Target Weight Range: 135-180 lbs.

4 Fun

Length: 6'8"
>Width: 26.75"
Height: 14.375″
Volume: 63 gallons
Target Weight Range: 165-220 lbs.
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