Minnesota & Upper Michigan with Chris Baer

Chris Baer
Superior Falls – 2nd D.
Photo: John McConville

Team 4Corners paddler Chris Baer sending the second descent of Superior Falls in the upper peninsula of Michigan, proving that you don’t need a helicopter or the Stunt Junkies crew to bag this one.
Photo: Nate Herbeck
Somebody forgot to clear his paddle at the bottom.
John McConville and Nate Herbeck testing the new Jackson Dynamic Duo on the Preque Isle.
Black River – Michigan
Baer firing up the big drop that ejected him on his previous attempt.

John McConville charging through.

Setting safety at Rainbow Falls.

Main Beaver – Minnesota
Baer firing up the rarely run upper slide.
Photo: John McConville

John McConville styling Cunningham Falls

Chris Baer not-so-on-line in the same drop.
Photo: Nate Herbeck
…going right.
Photo: John McConville
This is going to hurt.
Photo: John McConville
Yup. Hurts. Chris putting his new Wave Sport through a bash test.
Photo: Nate Herbeck
Lester River – Minnesota
Chris Baer on the chunky Almost Always
Photo: John McConville
Encampment River – Minnesota
Chris Baer

Andy McMurray

Baer slaying the big slide of the Poplar River
Photo: John McConville

The Onion – Minnesota
Baer boofing on the first slide. The Onion has 2 drops and 400′ of gradient, all packed into a 1/4 mile.
Photo: John McConville
John McConville

Heather Herbeck on the bottom slide.
Split Rock – Minnesota
Andy McMurray on Ski Jump

52 year old Nora Whitmore and Andy McMurray in the canyon section.
John McConville on the East Beaver park-n-huck section

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