Merry Christmas from the Pelguin

What do 12 fired up kayakers do for Christmas in Chile? They run the shit!

Truck loaded down and boys picking up some epanadas for breakfast.

When we got to the put in you could feel the anticipation, energy, nervousness, and pure glee circling the group. We where at the Pelguin to run it all and a couple people took this really seriously.

Jared Seiler sending the Salto Pelguin.

Up to this point the Salto Pelguin had only been run once, and LJ Groth and Jared Seiler were about to double that number. The lead in puts you in a nasty folding pinch as it launches off the 80 some odd feet.

Every one else was setting safety, taking pictures, video, and crossing their fingers. Both of the guys had good lines, but unfortunately Jared got ejected at the bottom. After the salto entertainment it was off to the normal upper run, there was no stopping this posse. Everyone knew the lines and everyone was just charging off of drops.

We quickly ran one normal portage and arrived at “The Portage”

LJ getting toyed at the portage

AJ seal launching into the middle of the portage

Every one was on fire, we had just been bombing off of vertical and it was soon going to come to it’s culmination, The 70 Foot stout.

Contemplating 70 feet for Christmas

Ian Garcia having a Merry Christmas








We finished up the run bombing off of every thing in our path and had a hand full of powerful numbers to deal with.

6 swims
+5 broken paddles
+12 people off a 70 footer
+2 people off a 80 footer
= best Christmas ever.
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