Lower Nevado

Chris Baer
So we wanted something new, and we got it: The lower Nevado. It starts at the Demshitz drop; this thing is sketchy to say the least, a burly technical lead in into a 50 foot unclean drop. My decision came quick: NO. So, we (Bryan Kirk, AJ, and myself Chris Baer) put in below the drop and right above another great rapid.

AJ in the put in rapid, known as the Little Devil, which has an amazing boof just up stream of it. Photo by Bryan Kirk.

As soon as you come out of the Little Devil slot, you find yourself in a sieve pile. Rocks everywhere that were slick as snot. A 20 foot portage that took 15 minutes of slip sliding around. Once back on the water it was right back into blind big drops.

Bryan paddling away from the sieve pile

Bryan charging off the second drop, Nutrience

After Nutrience there is another stout rapid, a great 5 foot boof to start it off and then all the water pushed left, and off a bouncing 10 footer.

AJ with a big boof on the set up drop

Chris Baer boofing off the bounce ledge. Photo by Bryan Kirk.

After this drop it mellowed out for a bit, we rounded the corner and confluence with the Liucura. Once on the Liucura, it took only minutes to arrive us at the “Magic Canyon”. This thing starts out with a heinous sieve, (portage left). Then it is really one rapid, boof hard right over a nasty walled in hole, and then boof over a few more small ledges. The gorge eases up and the next thing you know your at the Tres Saltos bridge.
This is one of those small gems that not enough people know about or enjoy.

A little closing shot.

Chris Baer signing out from Chile
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