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Nothing better than exploring… and happily this seems to be a growing trend in whitewater sport. You can get out for a night, or for a few. It is tons easier than schlepping tons of raft gear to the car and then into every camp. Tons easier because you can’t fit tons into a kayak! Back when I did my first exploratory runs self support, there was no equipment suited to the task, so gear packing was always a challenge. New crossover boats from Wavesport, LiquidLogic, and Jackson change all that with hatches for easy packing. If you don’t know the concept, think of a extra large creek-river running boat, with a rear hatch for gear.

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On my late 80’s exploratory we got first descents in Mexico on the Moctezuma and Santa Maria Rivers. Those exploratory years introduced me to how sweet it is living out of a boat. Those were some adventures! 140 miles to go through the unexplored 1000 foot deep Moctezuma canyon. 1000 feet deep. 9 days of food in our boats. First day 23 miles, easy. Second day, 2 miles total. Third day, 1 mile. You do the math. We started sweating it until the river eased up. More on that trip in another post. For now, just find a section of river, and get out there by kayak!

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