Holiday Gift Guide for Standup Paddleboarders - 2018

Holiday Gift Guide for Standup Paddleboarders - 2018

Ty Skoe
With the holiday season fast approaching, now is the perfect time to start thinking about the standup paddle boarder on your list. Standup paddleboarding is one of the fastest growing outdoor sports in the world because it is fun, accessible and has plenty of different ways that it can be enjoyed. Whether you are looking for a gift for a river runner, ocean surfer, or recreational paddler, there are plenty of gift options out there. Here is a list of some of our top picks for 2018!

Gifts for Standup Paddleboarders

Hala Rado & Radito SUPs

One of our top choices for all-around inflatable SUPs, the Hala Rado and Radito models are the real Jack of All Trades. Designed to cruise down whitewater rivers, yet still perform well on flatwater, the Rado / Radito have been some of the most popular models in our demo fleet. Thanks to its progressive rocker profile, StompBox retractable fin system and its all-around design, the Rado and Radito are true go-everywhere boards. Both come with carrying bag, hand pump, repair kit, 12v low-pressure inflator, and Hala’s industry leading 3 Year Warranty. Shop all SUP Boards here.

Bravo Electric Pump

Inflatable paddleboards come with numerous benefits when compared to their rigid counterparts. They are easier to store andtransport and tend to be more durable. The downside, as anyone who owns an inflatable SUP can tell you, is pumping up the board each time you want to use it. That’s where the Bravo Electric Pump comes in. This powerful 12 volt pump hooks up to your car battery and can inflate a board up to 15 PSI in just minutes! Plug it into your car, set the dial to your desired pressure and let the Bravo Pump do its thing! No more workout just to get on the water!

Werner Thrive SUP Paddle

The Werner Thrive SUP Paddle is the perfect combination of performance and price. Using a lightweight but durable fiberglass construction, the Thrive is meant to last season after season. The full-size blade pulls plenty of water on each stroke while the longer blade shape makes for a perfect catch. The Thrive is available in 1, 2 and 3 piece adjustable models to ensure a fit for paddlers of all shapes and sizes. Shop all SUP paddles here.

Astral Ronny, Linda & Ronny Fisher

A well fitting and comfortable PFD is a must have for paddlers of any discipline. The Astral Ronny, Linda and Ronny Fisher are some of our most popular with our rec / fishing customers thanks to their comfortable fit and thin-back design that works well with today’s high-back kayak seats. The Linda features a female friendly design with low-profile pockets and more chest room for a more flattering fit, while the Ronny features a few more compartmentalized pockets for all your fishing gadgets. The Ronny Fisher takes it one step further, with even more pocket space, Cordura construction and a hi-viz safety / rain hood.

NRS Zephyr Inflatable PFD

Looking for an ultra-lightweight and low-profile flotation device? Look no further than the NRS Zephyr Inflatable PFD. The Zephyr is worn around your waist and can be inflated via CO2 cartridge in an emergency. Perfect for the flat-water paddler that wants to be legal, but doesn’t want to have to wear or carry around a full-size PFD. This is the perfect gift for paddlers who are interested in racing or touring especially. Keep yourself safe and legal with the NRS Zephyr PFD. Shop all PFDs here.

Sweet Strutter Helmet

When it comes to the Sweet Protection Strutter helmet, style nor function are sacrificed. Made using a strong ABS plastic shell, the Strutter is made to protect your noggin during a fall. The large bill provides both sun and splash protection making this a great gift for any paddlers running rivers or surfing river waves. Lightweight and comfortable, the Strutter is easily worn for long days on the river. Shop all helmets here.

Hala Gear Gummy Fin

Looking for a quick and easy stocking stuffer? The Hala Gear Gummy Flex Fin is a great option. Made to fit most modern SUP fin boxes, the Gummy Flex fin is designed to bend and flex in the event of an impact to avoid damage to the board or finbox. Especially useful if you’re paddling in low water conditions regularly. Fins are easily lost or misplaced so this is a gift that is sure to make the SUPer in your life happy! Shop SUP fins and accessories here.

LilSucker Coozies

Can’t quite decide on something SUP specific? The LilSucker Coozie is a popular and affordable choice that is sure to please. The LilSucker keeps your drink cold and in place with its suction base that will stick to just about any smooth surface including dryboxes, coolers, paddle boards, boat tubes and more. Shop LilSucker Coozies here.

Pelican Cases

Pelican Cases are another must-have item to keep your personals nice and dry. Pelican Cases come in a variety of sizes and can fit anything from your cell phone to a full camera set-up. The Micro cases are perfect for carrying small, non-electronic items, and are splash, crush and dust proof. The larger cases (1120 and up) are fully submersible and are great for electronics or other super sensitive cargo that simply cannot get wet. Made in a wide variety of sizes for different applications. Shop Pelican Cases here.
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