Durango Whitewater Fall Slalom Series

Durango Whitewater is pleased to announce the first annual Fall Slalom Series. This series of four fun Saturday slalom races is designed to give paddlers many more exciting and competitive events at the end of the season. If you have never raced slalom before, this is a fantastic chance to hone your skills and challenge your paddling on smaller water before it is time to hit the ski hill. For those who are experienced slalom racers, this is an opportunity to do some technical courses, get a couple of races in before winter training, and win some cool prizes.

The Fall Slalom Series will be broken into four races. Each race will be scored, and prizes given both as an individual race and as part of an overall series. Each racer will receive points based on their best finish time in each race. (For example. If there are 30 competitors in the race, and your win, you will receive 30 points, if you finish second, you receive 29 points and so on). At the end of the series, the top three point leaders in each category win special prizes and the overall points leader will be crowned Series Champion.

The overall Fall Slalom Series will also have three special prize categories. Each special category will be awarded $200 in prize money at the end of the series. These special categories are Youngest Competitor… Best Costume… and Craziest boat (if it floats and makes it from start to finish it counts).

If you would like to compete in the first annual Fall Slalom Series, please go to www.dgowhitewater.com and download both the registration form and USACK waiver, and follow the instructions on the forms in order to complete your registration.

Race Dates are as follows:

  • August 28th 2010
  • September 11th 2010
  • September 18th 2010
  • October 2nd 2010

Training camps and clinics will be offered in conjunction with these races if folks are interested. Let us know!

Please spread the word and come join the fun!

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