Demo Whitewater Kayak & Inflatable Kayak Sale - Sept 2nd

Demo Whitewater Kayak & Inflatable Kayak Sale - Sept 2nd

Matt Gerhardt

Demo Whitewater & IK Sale – Starts September 2nd

In any normal year, we fill our parking lot with all of our rental & demo boat / boards and gear! But with COVID, we’re doing things a bit differently this year (surprise…)! We’ll be spacing out our demo sale by item type, starting with our Demo Whitewater Kayaks & Inflatable Kayaks on September 2nd! We’ll also have a selection of new items on sale including dry wear, splash wear, helmets, foot wear, and more!

The sale will be ONLINE ONLY to avoid large in-store crowds, but we’ll still be giving priority to our “locals”! The first two days of the sale (Sept 2-3) will be for in-store pickup orders only. You don’t necessarily need to be a true local to shop the sale on Sept 2nd-3rd, but you will need to come pick your order up if you place it on the 2nd or 3rd.

On Sept 4th, we’ll then open the sale up to customers that need their order shipped. All used / demo orders will ship at exact cost to the customer, and will be calculated after the sale is completed. Shipping prices listed are an estimated total, actual rates will vary by location. We will contact you with the pricing difference to collect payment (or issue a refund for overpayment) before the order ships.

All boats and gear will have their general condition listed and flaws highlighted to the best of our ability. All models are 2020 versions unless otherwise listed. Please call us with questions if you need more details. All used / demo gear comes as-is with no implied warranty. Used item sales are final once they leave the premise. We will give local pick-up customers the options to return item(s) after purchase but before they leave the store. Once you walk away with your item, it is yours.

Demo Rafts, SUPs, Recreational / Fishing Kayaks and associated gear will go on sale Sept 23rd, with the first two days being for local pick-up orders only. See our Demo SUP / Kayak / Raft Sale post (coming soon!) for more info.

All pricing and item conditions will be announced when the sale goes live at 9am MST on Sept 2nd!

Demo WW Kayaks:

  • Jackson Rockstar 4.0 MD
  • Jackson Rockstar 4.0 LG
  • Liquid Logic Homeslice
  • Pyranha Ozone MD
  • Pyranha Ozone LG
  • Dagger Rewind SM
  • Dagger Rewind MD**
  • Jackson Antix SM
  • Jackson Antix MD**
  • Jackson Antix LG
  • Dagger Mamba 7.6
  • Dagger Mamba 8.1
  • Jackson Zen 3.0 MD**
  • Jackson Zen 3.0 LG
  • Jackson Nirvana MD
  • Pyranha 9RII
  • Liquid Logic Alpha 75
  • Pyranha Machno MD
  • Dagger RPM (2018 model)
  • Dagger RPM Max (2002 model)

** These models are on reserve for a Grand Canyon trip thru Sept 17th. You can purchase them on Sept 2nd, but they will not be available for pick-up / shipping until Sept 18th**


  • AIRE Tributary Tomcat Solo (4 available)
  • AIRE Tributary Tomcat Tandem (4 available)


  • Paddles
  • Skirts
  • Wetsuits
  • Splash Tops
  • Booties
  • Float Bags

*PFDs will go on sale during our second demo sale on Sept 23rd*

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