Animas River Management Plan Final Meetings

ATTENTION ALL ANIMAS RIVER USERS: The City of Durango is in the final phase of public input on the Animas River Management Plan. The final series of meetings will be held on: Wednesday, February 15th from 2 to 8 pm at the Durango Recreation Center & Thursday, February 16th from 2 to 5:30 pm also at the Durango Recreation Center. Recreational use regulations and projects for the Animas within the City of Durango (town run) will be determined by the City of Durango in collaboration with the public. Future access points and improvements, river regulations, in-stream developments and more will be determined at these meetings. We must act now, our voices must be heard! At these meetings, the discussion will be broken up into 6 different categories: Access, Recreational Amenities including In Stream/Bank Amenities, Conservation and Habitat , Water Quality, Education/Outreach, and Law Enforcement/Regulation. Attendees are encouraged to RSVP to which category discussion they would like to participate in. Each discussion group will come to a final consensus regarding their topic. If no consensus can be reach, the majority vote will rule. This is why it will be extremely important to have as many river users as possible at each discussion group. To RSVP to the meetings, please contact Joanne Gantt (375-7320 or Even if you cannot make the entire meeting, please attend when you can. If you simply cannot make either meeting, please contact Cathy Metz ( or 375-7329) to voice your opinion. If you have any questions or would like to know which discussion group could use your support the most, please contact Tony or Andy at 259-3893 For a list of discussion notes to bring to the meetings, see here: We look forward to seeing you all at the meetings and thanks for your support in helping us campaign for a more enjoyable Animas River experience for all!
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