4CRS Represent on the Salmon

All woman’s Salmon River trip!

Erin styles Vinegar Rapid

Stacy about to get worked

Erin looking solid entering Big Mallard

Stacy a little hung over in Big Mallard Rapid

At the take out

When 4 CRS employee Jim Dicky and wife Helen Low aren’t in Durango they can usually be found guiding on the Salmon River with Canyons Inc. This Sept Canyons and Anna Levesque, founder of the Girls At Play program and Dagger athlete, teamed up to create a 6 day wilderness adventure focused on not just kayaking but yoga. It marked the first ever all woman’s trip for Canyons (guides included!) 4CRS employee, Stacy Falk, and 4CRS paddler, Erin Corwin, were invited to participate on this incredible trip. The trip was also made possible thanks to 4CRS employee, Drew Beezley, who offered to be shuttle bunny for Stacy and Erin and thus take the opportunity to run some of Idaho’s best whitewater.

Thank you Canyons, Girls At Play and 4CRS!
http://www.watergirlsatplay.com/ and http://www.canyonsinc.com/
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