2024 Spring Boat Swap & Sale

2024 Spring Boat Swap & Sale

Will Berger

Our Spring Swap is back April 20th - 21st, 2024! Each spring, we hold our annual Boat Swap & Spring Sale, here at 4Corners Riversports. We fill our parking lot with tons of used kayaks, rafts, canoes, IKs, stand up paddle boards, paddles, PFDs, river gear and more! This is the largest boats swap in the southwest so don’t miss out!

Store wide discounts on new gear will range from 10% - 60%, excluding aluminum products due to the lack of supply and excessive demand.  

Discounts both In-Store and Online!

Want to Sell Your Gear?

Want to sell your gear at 2024 swap? Its easy!

Check-In: Friday April 19th 9am- 6pm

  1. CLEAN YOUR GEAR! We WILL NOT accept any gear that has not been thoroughly cleaned! Use disinfecting spray or bleach solution for your and our safety!
  2. Drop off gear on Friday, April 19th between 9am and 6pm. The 4CRS team will enter your items and give you stickers to place on the item. Once everything is tagged you are done and we will get to selling it! 
  3. Be respectful

COMMISSION RATES: We offer you two choices, 10% if you want store credit this will now be issued as a digital gift card due to our new point of sale system (just to cover our credit card processing fees and inventory handling) or 25% if you want us to cut you a check. Payments will be processed within a week of the sale and checks will be mailed on or before April 28th.

You set the pricing of your items, but we are more than happy to help recommend a value on your items. For boats and boards, we allow you to set a “low price”. This gives us a bit of bargaining room to help sell your boat/board if it hasn’t sold in the first few hours of the sale.


Unsold gear must be picked up by 5:00 PM Monday April 22nd. *All gear that is not picked up within 1 week will be considered donated.*

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